Wednesday, June 8, 2011

General Alarm fire in a Woonsocket, RI mill complex

Nine Alarm Fire In A Vacant Four Story Mill Type Building In The Fairmount Village Area Of Woonsocket
Woonsocket firefighters responded to a box alarm at the Alice Mills at 85 Fairmount St around 7:30pm on June 7, 2011. The scope of the fire was not known until flames began shooting from the rear windows of the structure. Crews took a defensive approach and attempted to attack the fire from the exterior of the building. Firefighters immediately began protecting exposures including several homes that were in close proximity. Adding to the complexity of this incident, brush surrounding the mill began to catch fire, which increased the danger of the fire spreading to other structures. Early on in the incident, word came in that an Amtrak train was approaching on the tracks which run directly behind the building. The train was contacted and ordered to stop. As the fire continued to spread through the mill, gutting the interior, the exterior walls began to collapse. It took hours for the flames to subside, as the structure burned to the ground.

At least one firefighter was transported by ambulance from the scene. It's unclear what the nature of his injuries were, if any. Billowing smoke was reported to be visible from many surrounding communities, as far out as Worcester, MA.

Video from Matt of Providence Fire Videos coming soon!

Local photographer, Ken LaBelle, captured some amazing photos from very early on. See his pics on: NRI Fire Photos
Phil Sullivan of captured these: Photo link
Flashover Studios: Photo link

More Info:
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